Guide to Getting Energy Elixirs on Grub Guardian

With so many fun activities requiring Energy in the Spiral, like Gardening, Fishing and Pet training, it can be tough to focus on more than one of these in a single day, either because you have extensive gardens that need to be tended to, or because you're training a Pet to Mega.

Energy Elixirs are a breath of fresh air when you're out of Energy. While they're not particularly expensive, I like to save on those and try to get them for free. The amount of Crowns you save overtime can be spent on that special Crown Shop item you really want, Hoard Packs or Mega Snack Packs, or even to unlock the Map Packs in Grub Guardian.

Trying to get free Energy Elixirs is a great motivation to play Grub Guardian. My personal favorite map to win these is Pegasus Place. This map is included in the Wysteria Map Pack, which is available for 649 Crowns in the Grub Guardian Crown Shop.

Why Pegasus Place?
It's a fairly easy and fast map, that only requires an Epic Life pet and two Guardians to earn a Gold Medal score, and have a chance at an Energy Elixir prize.

What do I need for Pegasus Place?
  • Wysteria Map Pack (649 Crowns);
  • Avalon Guardian (499 Crowns).

How to get a Gold Medal
Like I said, the only requirement to get a Gold Medal on this map is having a Life Pet at least at Epic, and two Avalon Guardians.

Start off by placing your Pet and the first Avalon Guardian as shown below. The amount of Silver you have doesn't allow you to place the second Guardian just yet, but you won't need it right away so long as you upgrade your currently placed Guardian to Rank 2, before hitting the "Go" button.

Place your second Avalon Guardian right next to the first one when you have enough Silver, and upgrade them gradually and take them up to Lady of the Lake (Rank 5).

Tip: On this specific map, avoid upgrading both Guardians at the same time, unless the enemies on the map are Goblins; those are slow and the cooldown allows you to defeat them before they can get to the food.

You should have a Gold Medal at the end and your score should be around 5,625. If you didn't get an Energy Elixir on your first try, don't give up. You will get one before you know it!

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