New Community Management at KingsIsle

The Ravenwood Bulletin and Pirate101's Newsletter are out and they bring some changes to the community management at KingsIsle, with new faces and promotions!

Most of you know that Professor Greyrose (Kiersten Samwell) has been our beloved Wizard101 Community Manager for the past 6 years. Today, KingsIsle revealed that Kiersten was promoted to System Designer and will be joining the art team for Wizard101. It is sad to see her leave, but she is pursuing her dreams so make sure you send positive thoughts and thankful messages her way via Twitter.

Also, Leala Ulrich is officially the new face of Professor Greyrose and our brand new Associate Community Manager, and will be taking the role of Bonnie Anne in the Community as well! Some of you may already know her, as she used to be Leesha Darkheart from Ravenwood Radio (now Spiral Radio 101) and co-host the show with Stephen Spiritcaller. Please, help me welcome her into the Community by tweeting her support messages!

In other news, Tom Purdue (also known as One-Eyed Jack on the Pirate101 Message Boards) will also be pitching in to assist Wizard101 players as Dworgyn on Social Media and elsewhere.

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