The Future Lies This Way

If you've been to Marleybone after the latest game update to Wizard101, you probably noticed that something has changed. The phone booth that once was on the grass near The Professor, is now found a few meters away from its original spot. Strange, isn't it? One could think that this is a glitch, but this was reported several times in Test Realm and the phone booth was spotted in Olde Town as well, so it is there on purpose. The question is, why?

The August Ravenwood Bulletin has a few, subtle hints and it looks like someone played on words: "... The Future Lies This Way", "All of Time and Spiral" and even a small picture of Tardis.

The Past is Key to the Future
Following my theories on Old Cob, I believe that this particular phone booth is related to the storyline.

Despite Old Cob's motivations being vague at this point, I'm sure he will seek revenge on Grandmother Raven for locking him away. We do know that Old Cob once lived in the First World and can assume that his power is comparable to that of Bartleby and Lady Nightstar, so what if he found a way to go back in time, preserving his current knowledge and power, to get rid of Grandmother Raven and Grandfather Bartleby? Our task would be to use the phone booth to travel back in time and stop Old Cob before he can change the past, rendering the future we know inexistent.

What do you think? Is it just a coincidence or are these hints purposely there?

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