Exalted Fire 1v1 Guide

Alex, a big fan of the blog, kindly asked me to feature his PvP guide for Exalted Pyromancers and I accepted. Below, you will find his strategy and own experience on the path to Warlord!

As I started working on PvP, I've got Warlord pretty fast. Trying to get up to overlord, I failed badly and ended up getting Private, so I had to find out my mistakes and a better strategy. After a long time, I finally managed to get overlord and my plan this time was to try out a heavy combo, a combo that would be difficult to survive!

The Gear

Explanation of the Deck

Without resist, shields are all that can save you and as you see I have a lot of shields in Main Deck; shields of every school! As for the onslaught, my main attack is Efreet, which I use for the combo. Helephant is good for pip fails and when you can't combo Efreet, or if you're up against Balance and want to avoid Mana Burn. Scald and Meteor are used as counters to Mana Burn. Fire Elves are perfect to get around shields and Blades for some extra buff. Shrike is especially needed against Ice Wizards and Jade setups, and Doom and Gloom to shut down healing.

As for my Side Deck, I like to keep Conviction up when needed and avoid Criticals, so I usually pack 8. Stuns can be life savers, which you will learn the perfect with a little practice, so I also pack some. Tower Shield are good when you can't find any other shields in Main Deck, and when you're up against Balance. I recommend taking a few Towers out and adding in Gartantuan Elves, just in case you can't pull one out from your Main Deck.

Advice against each School
Instead of shields, Conviction is recommended. Try not to run into any Efreet, that's their key spell. To avoid that, I have stuns which also come in handy when we are second. Make good use of your dispels and live until you can combo an Efreet and Helephant. Assuming you don't critical, it deals around 4,000 damage and a back up Fire Elf can close the game.

Defeat or be defeated is how it always was against Diviners, so just go crazy and spam shields! When you get the pips, a Fire Elf and Efreet combo can easily kill. If they somehow survive, use Meteors.

The main reason why I carry Memento of Tragedy amulet! Most Ice Wizards stack blades and use Snow Angel, and for that I have the amulet Enfeeble. Spam shields, build full pips, put up a Doom and Gloom, use Shrike and kill with a Fire Elf, Efreet, Freeze and Efreet combo!

Keep Conviction up at all costs! Their main strategy these days is Medusa, stun, Medusa and their opponent is just helpless. Make good use of their low health and look out for Earthquake.
They are the main reason I pack Doom and Gloom in Deck. If your opponent is an offensive Theurgist, use shields to protect yourself. When you are at full pips, use Fire Elf, Doom and Gloom, Efreet, Freeze and Efreet, and throw in a Shrike maybe if you find it in time.

Their best spell is Skeletal Dragon, but luckily it's a damage over time spell and you have a few rounds to react. Because their health is higher, try a double Efreet combo to take them down. Don't worry about keeping Doom and Gloom up, as they can even heal without it. To avoid running into a Bad Juju from second, make good use of Freeze. Also, watch out for Deer Knight and critical hits with Conviction.

Sorcerers are fierce and dangerous opponents in the current meta. No auras, no pip saving, how can I ever win? Have no fear! What you should keep in mind at all times is to never, ever use an aura; it might get you killed, if you do! The second rule is to use spells that require few pips, like Fire Elf, Scald and Meteor to avoid Mana Burn. Put a Doom and Gloom up and spam what you have, but make sure you are protected by a Tower Shield whenever possible.
Final Note
You're probably wondering "no minion?!". Let me tell you that you will likely lose the pip war if you go for the minion strategy, and it can easily be killed with a 1-pip spell. Why use a minion when you have your dear little Fire Elves?

Your opponents usually hit as soon as they can, that's why I shield at first until I reach max pips. By that time, I lose a bit of health while my opponent only has a few pips left. Then, I wear them down with the combo!

Best of luck and remember not to rely too much on critical, unless your opponent is a glass cannon with no block. The no critical Efreet can hit 2,300 alone, so two Efreets are enough to kill most Schools. If they do survive, they can't defeat you right away with two weaknesses on, so proceed with Fire Elves until you can secure a victory.

Thank you so much to Alex for his great guide and happy dueling, Pyromancers!

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