All of Time and Spiral

Yesterday, the October Newsletter revealed an exciting surprise! After months of questions and uncertainties about the Marleybonian phone booth being away from its original spot, and strange "TheProfessor" loadings in several world hubs of the Spiral, KingsIsle finally made it clear that something is up with Tardis and this is officially our second hint. The question, however, still stands: what is up exactly?

The animation above was posted with the Newsletter and under it you can read the caption "Where (or when) in the Spiral could the Professor be?". The Professor is possibly standing inside Tardis, so the key word here is probably "when". This may or may not be related to the next story arc, but I theorized about this a few months ago in my The Future Lies This Way post.

What do you think we're looking at here? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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