Arc of Infinity: Alternate Reality

This post CONTAINS SPOILERS! If you haven't completed the Five B.O.X.E.S. Event yet and don't want to be spoiled, skip this for now and come back at a later time. Read at your own risk!

The Maestro, a sinister mastermind, tampers with time and attempts to damage our past in order to destroy our future. He tries to change five critical points in the Spiral history, but is eventually stopped by the combined efforts of our Wizard and The Professor.

Blazing Determination
The first Box takes us to Wizard City, when Falmea first enrolled at Ravenwood. She was convinced to skip the Book of Secrets Test by one of The Maestro's servants, and join the ranks of Thaumaturges. If Dalia Falmea wasn't redirected to the path of Fire, she would've been expelled from Ravenwood without becoming the Fire Professor, and the exchange program with Zafaria would've never been created. If that were the case, we wouldn't have been summoned to Zafaria to investigate the disappearance of Ravenwood students during a class field, and Morganthe would have gotten back her Deck of Shadows faster.

Marleybonian Conflict
The second Box sends us to old Marleybone, where we have to clear Halston Balestrom's name, who is accused of grand larceny, after stealing a powerful artefact known as the Opal of Ojai. Our Wizard saves the day yet again, but if The Maestro were to acquire this object from Meowiarty's middleman, he would be able to defeat those who protect the Spiral with the power contained in the Opal.

Giving Life to Death
The third Box takes us back in a time of crisis at Ravenwood, shortly after Malistaire Drake went rogue. The Maestro seizes that opportunity to try to become the Death Professor, but his plans are stopped once more. Gamma asks us to interview two potential candidates for the position, traveling to Wysteria to meet the first one and to Dimwood Vale, which I believe to located in Darkmoor (as suggested from the pictures inside Cornu House), to meet Dworgyn. We have to save the latter from his evil aunts, who have him captive and refuse to send him to Ravenwood. Another candidate, named Ostrame, postulates shortly after we arrive at Ravenwood with Dworgyn, and he happens to be one of The Maestro's subordinates. He is later defeated in a duel and we can only imagine what would've happened if Ostrame did get the job.

Savior of the Skyway
The fourth Box is certainly the most intriguing one. The Professor sends us to Skull Island, where The Maestro is trying to divert the time stream once again. We learn that he intended to hand over two crucial Pirates, Boochbeard and Gandry, to the Armada, making it impossible for them to ever meet the orphaned Pirate that would be the one to stop Kane's army in Pirate101. Luckily, we manage to defeat the Armada troops, and the two rescued Pirates set out on a journey to meet the orphaned Pirate. In a way, we can say that the future of the Skyway was secured by our Wizard.

The Dragonspyre Army Attacks
The fifth and last Box takes us to Dragonspyre Academy, where the Drakes have been convinced to abandon their study of magic. After learning that Sylvia Drake became Grand General of the Dragonspyre Army, Cyrus and Malistaire accept to join us in stopping The Maestro and his plans to overtake the Spiral. We get back the Drakes' decks from the Loremaster and ultimately manage to reason Sylvia. All three of them decide to go to Ravenwood, restoring these temporal events to their natural order.

All in all, I have to say that this event surpasses the Lost Pages by a long shot. Everything from scenery and music, to quest line and dialogue, is simply fantastic! Not to mention the epic drops we can get from it, including those new mesmerizing Music Players. A big shout out to the entire Wizard101 team, for outdoing themselves over the past few years and for making an already great game even more awesome!

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