Wizard101 Evergreen Bundle

A few weeks after the arrival of the Mystic Fishing Bundle, a brand new Wizard101 game card has been released: the Evergreen Bundle! This second bundle is available at GameStop, so keep an eye out for this game card at your local store!

It is the perfect gardening-themed bundle and it will add a like to all your plants! The Evergreen Bundle comes with:
  • Botanical Gardens Estate with Aberrant Carnivorous Plant;
  • Celestial Wolf Mount;
  • Spirit of the Forest Pet;
  • Evergreen Armor;
  • Thornblade;
  • 1 Month or 5,000 Crowns.

The Botanical Gardens Estate has lots of space and its very own PvP Arena, as well as several secret passageways. The Aberrant Carnivorous Plant gives daily rewards to your Wizard, so make sure you visit every day! The Spirit of the Forest Pet introduces the very first gardening talents, such as "May Cast Gardening Pixie Spell", and gives your Wizard gardening cards.

All in all, the combination of the house, textures and colors make this a breathtakingly beautiful new home for your Wizard! The mount and pets are pretty amazing, too. An enormous shout out to the wonderful art team, for creating yet another masterpiece!

Credits: Thanks to Bryan Omar for the tour.

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