Wizard101 Sneak Peeks Analysis

With Test Realm opening for the Fall Update any day now, KingsIsle has been releasing teasers over the last few weeks and this week has been especially busy when it comes to sneak peeks. That being said, we do know Marleybone is getting an expansion, as seen from the latest Vine videos and concept art posted on Twitter and Facebook, but the rest of the clues still remain unclear. 

Yesterday, two brand new concept artworks were revealed on Wizard101 Fansites, showing a new boar boss and an unknown temple (picture above).

Boar Boss
The most striking feature is that the boar's clothes instantly make you think of a shaolin monk, while he's holding what looks like a monk's spade in one hand. Is he the one living inside the Temple?

Mysterious Temple
The temple has a similar architecture to shaolin monasteries. In the picture, you can also see plants covering the entrance, almost as if it has been abandoned for a while. Other notable things that are seen on the picture are a river, rocks and snow, the later being unusual as the temple seems to be located inside a cavern.

We first heard of Dimwood Vale a few weeks ago, during the Five B.O.X.E.S. Event, and I immediately thought of Darkmoor. Everything seems to point in that direction, from scenery, to buildings and pictures on the wall inside Aunt Eunice's house. And today, we finally got hints that Darkmoor might be coming to Wizard101 very soon!

The sneak peeks show a gargoyle guard and a knight, and both seem to fit the Darkmoor theme perfectly! We also got the artwork of a spooky mansion, which strangely looks similar to what we've seen in Dimwood Vale.

My theory
After some thought, I can't see any connection between the ancient China and Darkmoor themes, and none seem to fit Old Cob's storyline or any of the places he mentioned in Khrysalis. So I'm guessing we'll get a side world and perhaps a few more areas in existing ones. One thing's for sure: whatever is coming, it's going to be massive!

What do you think of these sneak peeks? Are you excited for this upcoming content? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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