Game Ideas #3: Shadow-Infused Pets

As we delve more into the secrets and mysteries of Shadow Magic, Wizards get closer to its dark essence and need to keep up with its power, in order to control that powerful magic. So let's take a look at how Shadow Magic affected our gameplay this far.

Shadow-Forged Weapons
Khrysalis Part 2 brought Shadow-Forged Weapons to the Spiral, which are weapons that are capable of casting spells on their own. They can even interrupt your opponent's turn to cast a spell.

Shadow-Enhanced Spells
These Shadow-Enhanced Spells are currently being tested and will be introduced soon in the Live Game. They are powerful spells accessible to Shadowmancers and powered up by Shadow Magic itself.

Shadow-Infused Pets
I've been thinking about a brand new generation of Pets, which would be infused with the dark aura of those who have touched Shadow Magic and experienced its power. Shadow-Infused Pets would have a shadow aura around them or purple, glowing eyes, and would be darker than their original counterparts, giving Wizards an additional talent. They would boost a Shadow Magic stat (Damage, Resist or Pip Chance) naturally at Baby, having the same amount of talents normal pets do as they level up.

Do you like this idea? Leave a comment below and give me some feedback.

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