Useful Links to the Four Dungeons

The Four Dungeons that are now available in Wizard101 are the perfect time to revisit some familiar places, open closed doors, and explore new regions previously only spoken of in whispers!

These dungeons can be quite challenging, especially at higher levels, so I decided to provide direct links to useful guides and tips from the Community, to help you out in your quests.

Pagoda of Harmony & Hollow Mountain
This dungeon is available to Wizards of Level 25+ and is a good farming spot for Skeleton Keys (find out what they are below).

Duelist101 has made a post with helpful tips, so check out their Guide to Pagoda of Harmony and Hollow Mountain.

Barkingham Palace
Wizard of Level 40+ can now visit the Queen of Marleybone in Barkingham Palace! To get through this dungeon safely and meet her Majesty, follow Duelist101's Guide to Barkingham Palace.

Lower Zigazag & House of Scales
Mark DarkCaller on Wizard101 Central offers helpful tips to get you through these two instances safely. Check out his Lower ZigaZag Guide and House Of Scales Guide.

Castle Darkmoor
Malistaire is back and challenges you for the very last time. With his new-found power, this old nemesis is stronger than ever and the 3 instances inside this Dungeon are exceptionally challenging! The ultimate reward from this Dungeon is epic Exalted gear and Shadow-Enhanced Spells for all Schools!

The Mercenaries101 team provides helpful tips and recommendations for the 3 instances in Darkmoor! Make sure to read their Guide to Castle Darkmoor, Guide to Upper Halls and Guide to the Graveyard.

Skeleton Keys
The Four Dungeons introduce locked doors, which hold epic rewards to the Wizards who successfully win the challenge that awaits behind said doors. You will find a chest that is guarded by a secret boss behind all doors, and the rewards contained in the chests include pets, gear and even permanent mounts!

Skeleton Keys are dropped by bosses and different keys open different locks. Read Swordroll's Skeleton Keys Guide to know the best farming spots!

Mote Reagents
These new, rare reagents are currently used to craft decks and tapestries. Find out where you can acquire them by reading Duelist101's Mote Reagents Guide.

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