Falmea Possibly Hints at 3rd Story Arc

The second story arc came to a close back in April, with Morganthe's downfall (which doesn't necessarily mean she won't be returning in the future). In our quest to stop the Shadow Queen, we inadvertently released an old and very powerful nemesis: Old Cob.

Yesterday, the December Producer's Letter revealed the very first clues of what I believe to be the third story arc. In the letter, Professor Falmea confirms that KingsIsle is already working at full steam on "spectacular stuff for 2015". While this doesn't give away much on the nature of the updates to come, Falmea shared a few hints of what they have planned for us. I listed the two I consider most relevant below:

"You'll have a chance to visit some new, yet familiar spaces."

"If you weren't able to use magic, you'd probably be hauling heavy stone slabs around. So, be thankful for that."

The first hint probably relates to some new side world content, like a Wysteria expansion or a new trip to Grizzleheim, since we still have to settle things with the Coven. 

The second one is where it gets really interesting. Now what intrigues me is how the sentence is worded... The first thing that comes to mind after reading it is Manders. Although they have an affinity to magic, Manders used to be slaves to Kroks in Krokotopia, so they most likely carried heavy stone blocks around. That being said, we can be looking at two different storylines here.

Briskbreeze Part 3 or Mirage?
These are the two plausible scenarios I can think of and that can relate to Professor Falmea's hint.

As you know, we still have unfinished business with the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, that we heard about at the end of the House of Scales quest dialogue. A Krokotopian version of Tartarus, perhaps?

Although they are two very different cultures, the other option is Mirage. The fact that it was confirmed by Old Cob to be one of the places we'll be going to in the third story arc, makes it a very convenient second option. The only problem is that Mirage seems like an Arabic/Indian world, judging by Nalia Dunestrider's garb, and the wording of the hint suggests that it's more Krokotopia-related. Maybe it is just a figure of speech and the sentence should not be taken literally.

What do you think? Would you rather take your time and work on some side content with Briskbreeze Part 3, or dive right into the third story arc and get to know more about Old Cob? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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