Introducing the Wizard101 Winterland Pack

On the 3rd Day of the Spiral, Wizard101 releases a brand new pack to the Crown Shop: the Winterland Pack! This seasonal pack gives a chance at some new Yuletide items, plus some classic favorites, including:
  • Winterglide Skates Mount (Permanent);
  • 3 Winter Parka Themed Gear Sets;
  • Maple Moose Pet (dyable);
  • Holiday Music Scrolls;
  • Yuletide Aquariums;
  • Candy Cane Mounts;
  • Holiday Plants;
  • Holiday Housing Items;
  • And much more!
This wintery pack is available for 299 Crowns and will only be around during the Christmas festivities in the Spiral, so don't miss out on your opportunity to get it! Also, MMORPG has been given special Winterland Pack codes, so make sure you claim yours here. You have a chance at winning a free Winterland Pack!

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