Pirate101 Fall Update Goes Live

The Fall Update introduces some new activities in Pirate101, including a Black Market, Ship Cabins and the toughest challenge released so far, and lots of tweaks and changes. Read on to find out what's new to the game!

Captain's Quarters
Avid decorators will be happy to take a break from broadside combat, as all ships now come equipped with a Basic Cabin for you to decorate! Use the sigil on the deck of your ship to enter the cabin. Visit the first tab of the "My Ship Equipment" page to equip an upgraded cabin from the Crowns Shop, or the Black Market. Go talk to Mickey Dugan for the quest "Cabin Fever" to learn more. Also, make sure to read Swordroll's Ship Cabin Starter Guide for tips and tricks.

Black Market
A new currency called "Scrip" has made its way into the Spiral and can be earned in the Smuggler's Arena (See below). You can also find Scrip by sinking ships; the farther away from Skull Island (the Black Market hub) you go, the more Scrip you are likely to find. Scrip is used to buy lots of nefarious goodies on the Black Market!

Visit Mickey Dugan for the quest "Cabin Fever" to be introduced to the shady smuggler, and head of the Black Market, Squid Viscous. The Black Market is located through the door on the right inside the Skull Island Bazaar. You'll find a Deluxe Ship Cabin, Housing and Cabin decorations, accessories, equipment, doubloons and more for sale!

Smuggler's Arena
Test your mettle in the new Smuggler’s Arena. Enter this new housing Gauntlet and visit Scriptop to play in one of two modes. In a Practice Match you can face off against powerful foes to test new strategies in combat. Grab some friends or go it alone in a Challenge Match to face the toughest battle yet, and earn Scrip. Master these endurance fights for as many rounds as you can to earn the most Scrip. When you are ready to call it a day, choose “Surrender” and collect your winnings from previous successful rounds. Then you can come back in 18 hours to face another Challenge Match. Show off your skill with cool new badges for both Practice and Challenge matches.

New Housing and Emotes

Companions and Ships in Houses
Companions can now be placed in houses! While in a house, companions will be on the "Hangin' Out" task and will not be able to complete other tasks. Additionally, you can also show off your collection of ships in the new Shipyard! Go to the Attic while in your house to access your Shipyard and display up to 5 ships in the Skyway surrounding your house. Move ships that you do not have equipped from your backpack to the Shipyard by selecting them and clicking the Shipyard button.

Miscellaneous Updates
  • Baron Samedi's Standard will properly bolster multiple adjacent Skeleton Hoplites;
  • Blade Storm is now properly activated for enemies who get a critical or defeat with Vengeance Strike;
  • Gracie Conrad's golem summon will now be influenced by her proficiency in the Spooky Talent;
  • Pirates who have taken the Nefarious elixir will no longer see Moo Manchu's message about not taking the elixir;
  • Players can now access their bank from any location inside of their house, so bank chest items have been removed from houses;
  • Soul Shroud will activate properly in combat when below 50% health with Death's Bargain equipped;
  • Weapons will no longer display while riding the Armored Scorpion mount.
For a complete list of game updates, check out the Update Notes.

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