Appetizers for Pirate101 Book 15

Pirates have been waiting for almost two years for Book 15. In fact, Book 14 closed in Aquila, which was released back in May 2013, and players have waited ever since to continue their journey to El Dorado.

What we do know about Book 15 is that, after acquiring the Rosetta Stone in Aquila and receiving a message from the mysterious "G" on how to destroy Kane, we are most likely going to return to Valencia. Beyond that, little is known about the content of the upcoming Book.

Considering the updates we've got last year and a few hints from developers, namely the Frogfather playing on words in the June 2014 Producer's Letter, I'd say we might actually set sails to Grizzleheim very soon. While the Producer's Letter was a subtle way to foreshadow the launch of the Grizzly Beast Pack back in September, couldn't there be more to it?

This is the longest time KingsIsle players have had to wait for a storyline update, so the forthcoming content must be massive! My guess is that Book 15 will see the light early 2015 (hopefully): in January, February or March.

When do you think Book 15 will be released to the Test Realm? What other places do you think we'll travel to, other than Valencia? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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