Best Wizard101 Updates of 2014

The past year was an amazing one for Wizard101 players. Not just for all the cool content we've got throughout the months, but also for features out of the game that still affected our gaming experience. Read on to find out my favorite things about Wizard101 in 2014!

1. KingsIsle Livestream Events
KingsIsle has never been closer to its fans than it has been in 2014! Livestream Events have become a great way to interact with players and the community has been extremely receptive. Our Community Managers, Leala and Tom, as well as Julia, have done a great job with these events so far! Not to mention the free giveaways that everyone likes and the chance to get some recognition for your creations, in and out of the game.

2. Khrysalis Part 2 & Level 100
The epic conclusion of Morganthe's arc in Khrysalis Part 2 and the Level cap raise to 100 was definitely one of the best and most anticipated updates of the year! Exalted Wizards have become very powerful and the plethora of spells and gear at their disposal is immense.

3. Four Dungeons
The Four Dungeons were a great way to keep players of all levels busy and introduced the most powerful gear currently available in the game!

4. Castle Blocks
The introduction of the Arcane Builder's Bundle was a turning point in Wizard101 history. Granting Wizards the ability to create their very own castles and homes took housing to a whole new level!

5. Fishing
This was one of the most requested features and Fishing finally saw the light of day back in July 2014. It is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining activities in the game released in the last few years! This is a nice way to keep players busy between game updates and some Fish are required in crafting recipes, which makes it even more challenging and fun.

6. Earn Crowns
It was nice to see the implementation of new ways to earn Crowns for Wizard101 last year. Trivia is a great way for everyone to test their knowledge and learn something new, and the addition of an in-game option to watch short videos for Crowns was also amazing! This is perfect for stitching gear or for second chance chests, or even for hoard packs and game areas if you can save up enough Crowns.

7. Five B.O.X.E.S. Event
This brand new event took us halfway across the Spiral, to stop the evil schemes of The Maestro. We visited some familiar places and were given a little taste of Darkmoor, before its official release a month later. Everything, from scenery and music, to quest line and dialogue, was simply fantastic and mesmerizing!

8. Team Up! & Dungeon Recall
Finding a team for a particular dungeon and switching between realms to find players was a tedious thing. Thankfully, KingsIsle launched two very useful features last year: Team Up! and Dungeon Recall! This made finding a team more easy and recall directly back to the dungeon you just left.

9. New Seasonal Packs
For us players who have been around for a while, it surely felt refreshing to see two new seasonal packs this year: the Harrowing Nightmare Pack and Winterland Pack! Instead of just updating the old ones that have been here for years, KingsIsle decided to release two entirely new packs with some pretty cool-looking gear.

What were your favorite updates to Wizard101 in 2014? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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