Most Anticipated Pirate101 Updates of 2015

A new year has just begun and almost two years after the release of Aquila, I'm sure that other Pirates are just as eager as I am to test new content, explore new worlds, and find cool treasures on the way (Pirates are greedy after all).

I've been thinking about possible updates and after reading some of my posts from last year, I listed three topics I consider the most anticipated of 2015 (which doesn't necessarily mean they are going to be released this year).

1. Book 15
Undeniably the most requested update for a very long time. Players have been asking about Book 15 for a while and so far, only a few subtle hints were given by developers. Hints are nice, but I was hoping for actual sneak peeks (like they did for Celestia and Zafaria, in Wizard101). You will find some relevant informations here.

2. Crafting
This feature already exists in Wizard101, so naturally players were wondering if we would ever get a similar one in Pirate101. Luckily, Ratbeard confirmed it last summer, although no fixed date was announced yet. How cool would it be to craft ships and ship equipment, among other things? 

3. Ship PvP
We have regular PvP and a very distinctive Pet PvP system in Pirate101, but what about some nautical combat between players? I remember when KingsIsle released the very first sneak peeks of Bestia, most of us thought they were going to introduce Ship PvP. Sadly, we'll have to wait a little longer for that to happen.

What other updates would you like to see introduced this year? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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