New Mobile Game Update

Last November, I made a post about a new mobile game that KingsIsle is working on. While not much information has been revealed since then, two new pictures were released.

This new game is stated to be launched very soon and according to KingsIsle:
"We know you love playing MMO games on your computer, but we also know that mobile gaming is exploding. Grub Guardian offers a great way to train your Wizard101 pets on the go, but that's not the only mobile game we have in store for you. In fact, you can maybe expect some entirely new games and adventures to be had outside of the Spiral. 
Coming soon, you can look forward to all kinds of new, exciting things. New worlds and characters to explore? Puzzle games to test your mind? We're scheming and crafting day by day. The possibilities are endless!"
Looking at all the pictures available so far, I believe this new mobile game will be Fishing-related, just like Grub Guardian is related to Pet training in Wizard101.

KingsIsle wants your opinion, so make sure you drop by their newest KingsIsle Blog post and share your thoughts in the comments!

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