Friendship Festival Returns

February is the time of the year when we celebrate our friendships in the Spiral! And to start off the Friendship Festival, Valentina Heartsong returns to her usual spot in the Wizard City Shopping District, near the fountain. She will be here with all of her wonderful wares, from February 9th through February 17th, 2015.

What a better way to celebrate than to invite your friends to join you in the Spiral, with the special Valentine's Day Cards? They even have a place to include your unique Invite a Friend code! Download the cards and learn more on the Friendship Festival page.

New Friendship Festival Fish
There is a new seasonal Fish to be caught, called the Be Mine Fish (Fire Lure), that you can catch in the Wizard City Commons! For a complete list of all locations where you can find this Fish, check out the Fishing Database.

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