New Valentine Items & Me Heartie's Sale

New Friendship Festival Items
The third day of the Friendship Festival brings new Crown Shop items: the Soaring Heart Wings Mount, the Friendship Teddy Bear Housing Item and the Friendship Balloons Housing Item! The cool thing is that these housing items are also available for Gold! 

Hurry, these Friendship Festival items will leave the Crown Shop on February 17th, at 11:59pm US Central Time.

Me Heartie's Sale
Far from the magic of Wizard City, Pirates celebrate this seasonal event differently, with a special promotion: the Me Heartie's Sale!

Now through Tuesday, February 17th, save up to 50% off Crowns prices on red, pink or Valentine's themed items! Plus, KingsIsle is also launching a brand new pet, the Rock Crab.

Save 50% off these items:
  • Rock Crab Pet
  • Wu Tang Companion
  • Keisuke Yagi Companion
  • Wagyu Sanjuro Companion
  • Clockwork Wings Mount
  • Lurching Lobster Mount
  • Armored Scorpion Mount
  • Rake's Lagoon House
  • Anchor Candles Housing Item
  • Cutie Chameleon Pet
  • Temujin Companion
  • Zang Cha Companion

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