Wizard101 Fishing Tournament

Are you an avid fisher in Wizard101? If so, now's the chance to show off your catching skills, as Lucky Hookline is holding a fun event, where everyone is invited: the very first Fishing Tournament!

On February 21st, 2015, from 12:01am to 11:59pm US Central, log on to Wizard101 and start reeling in all the Fish ya can! KingsIsle is offering big prizes for the best fishers in the game.

Win 60,000 Crowns!
The three lucky Wizards who catch the following will be awarded 60,000 Crowns:
  • The largest Fish;
  • The shortest Fish;
  • The largest quantity of Epic Fish (Blackberry Jellyfish, Boss Hog, Bubba Fish, Cranky Catfish, Errol Fynn, Goldfin-ger, Musushi, Polar Bear Acuda, Rune Fish, Silver Streak, Sturgeon General).
KingsIsle will also offer up 10,000 Crowns to the Wizards who angle up:
  • The most Dekoi type Fish (Corroded Dekoi, Fabled Dekoi, Frost Dekoi, Jolted Dekoi, Mainstream Dekoi, Mud Dekoi);
  • The smallest Jellyfish type Fish (Strawberry Jellyfish, Marmalade Jellyfish, Grape Jellyfish, and Blackberry Jellyfish);
  • The smallest Eel type fish (Dragon Eel and Krokotopian Eel);
  • The largest Codfather;
  • The largest Todd Pole.
Tournament Rules
  1. KingsIsle will track and total up all the Fish received by players on February 21st;
  2. Winners will be announced and awarded on February 23rd;
  3. Only Fish that are successfully acquired by players, from 12:01 to 11:59pm US Central, on February 21st, will count toward the total. Any pre-existing Fish will not count;
  4. This contest is open to all (not just members) – just catch any Fish on February 21st to enter;
  5. You may sell your Fish or put them in your player housing, after you acquire them;
  6. Fish are counted per character, not per account;
  7. Contact community@wizard101.com if you have any questions;
  8. In the case of a tie, the winners will be determined by who caught the winning-sized Fish first.
The winners of the Fishing Tournament are listed here. Very well done, everyone!

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