New Member Benefit, Spring Fish & Event

Now through Sunday March 22nd, Wizard101 Members will get free Training Point buybacks at Mr. Lincoln, in Golem Court! As you probably know, buying back your Training Points at higher levels can be expensive, so upgrade today and retrain your Wizard spells for free!

If you aren't sure which spells to train with all these Training Points you are buying back, the Mercenaries101 team has some great advice for you here.

Five B.O.X.E.S. Event
In case you missed it, the Five B.O.X.E.S. Event back in the Spiral though March 31st, and now is the perfect time to craft all those cool music players and mounts, as well as complete these amazing quests given by the Professor, if you haven't already.

New Spring Fish
The Cold Cod has just left the icy waters of Winter, and a brand new Fish has appeared in the Spiral ponds: the Springfish! This Storm Fish swims in the waters of all worlds, where fishing is allowed. For a complete list of locations, check the Fishing Database.

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