Spring Brings New Fish and Sneak Peek

March is upon us and Spring is almost officially here. To start the celebrations, Pat O'Gold will be arriving in the Wizard City Shopping district on March 9th, 2015, to sell her fun and usual Spring-themed items.

New Fish
The Cold Cod has been enjoying the icy waters of Winter, but it will be leaving the Spiral waters to make room for a new festive Fish.

The Shamrockfish is a new, seasonal fish of the Life School, and can be found in several fishing ponds of the Spiral. The Wizard City Commons is the best fishing spot, as this is the only Life fish known to swim in those waters (excluding other seasonal fish).

Sneak Peek
Back in December, Professor Falmea revealed that the next Wizard101 update will be giving some things in our backpack a little bit more sparkle. The March 2015 Newsletter shows a sparkling deck with this future game addition (which I believe will be introduced in the upcoming Spring update). What do you think this secret update may be?

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