Spring Festival Returns

Eggbert has just arrived in the Spiral to start the Spring Festival and he will be taking his regular spot, near the fountain in the Wizard City Shopping District. Make sure to visit him to see what he has to offer! Additionally, the Prismatic Hare and Caerbannog Rabbit mounts have returned to the Crown Shop and will be available for a limited time only, during this Spring holiday event.

Dropped Mount
The Stormrider Hare is also making its comeback! This special mount can be obtained as a reward from duels, but only during Easter festivities and only from bosses that are level-appropriate to the Wizard. Read Prospector Zeke's post to know which bosses to farm at your current level.
New Seasonal Fish
The Spring Festival brings three Easter Fish to the Spiral! The Eggshellfish can be caught in all worlds where fishing is allowed and there are multiple color variations of it: Black Eggshellfish (Death), Blue Eggshellfish (Life) and Yellow Eggshellfish (Myth).

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