Wizard101 Jewel Socket System

The main content of the Spring Update was finally unveiled today by KingsIsle developers! The upcoming update will introduce the Jewel Socket System. This was implemented as a way to allow players to enhance equipment with unique stat bonuses, that cater to their individual play style.

Jewel Socket System
Starting at level 15, players can visit Katherine RockHammer in the Wizard City Shopping District, to learn more about this new system. She is so excited to share her knowledge of Jewels that you'll be rewarded with your first set of items, and the new Jewel Crafting Station housing item.

Wizards will notice a new in-game item called "Jewels", which are magical items that can be affixed to Amulets, Athames, Rings or Decks. Jewels can be acquired through questing, minion and boss drops, fishing and crafting. Each Jewel comes in one of four shapes and can only be put into a Socket Item that has the same shape.

Jewels can be socketed to an item from anywhere in the Spiral through the backpack, provided the Wizard has a Jewel and an item with the corresponding shape. You simply need to affix and equip to gain the bonus!

What's the point of this new system?
Jewels will offer 16 stat enhancement choices of values, depending on the level of the Jewel. With some items having over 7 billion potential combinations of Jewels, this will make a Wizard's gear unique like never before! This takes character customization to a whole new level.

Want to know more about this new system? Read the Wizard101 Dev Journal's entry.

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