Give Your Mount a Home Contest Winners

I always loved to see creative Wizards and what they can do when it comes to decorating their homes. My "Give Your Mount a Home Contest" was meant for that: showcasing creativity in the Spiral.

There were so many great entries for this contest, that I've had a hard time choosing my favorites! In the end, I judged all entries based on creativity. There were only two entries for the graphics category, so I chose two additional winners for the decorating category. Also, to reward the effort and creativity of other contestants, I decided to give honorable mentions a code for a Tapestry to Vestrilund. Without further ado, here are the winners (in no particular order):

Decorating Category (Prizes: Spritely Seahorse mount + Tapestry to Vestrilund)

Graphics Category (Prizes: Spritely Seahorse mount + Tapestry to Vestrilund)

Alia FairyCatcher and Marissa DragonTail

Honorable Mentions (Prize: Tapestry to Vestrilund)

Kaitlyn, Blaze WindTamer, Jacob SunStalker, Calamity StormWeaver, Michael WildFlame, Otayah, Emily RainbowHeart, Wolf Blood, Boris and Lucas DragonSlinger.

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for participating, everyone! Prizes will be sent to the email of entry soon.

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