Lydia Greyrose's Homeworld Confirmed

KingsIsle introduced the very first Ravenwood Roll Call, which is similar to the Pirate101 Rogue's Gallery, in the April 2015 Newsletter, featuring Professor Greyrose!

Professor Greyrose revealed back in 2010 that she comes from Candy World, a land of cookie roads, chocolate rivers and candy cane trees. I theorized about it in one of my posts, earlier this year, and initially thought that this was the actual name of her homeworld, but it was recently confirmed to be just a vague name for the place she originated from.

Karamelle, Nodor & Penguinonia
Lydia Greyrose originally hails from the picturesque, fairytale town of Karamelle, located amongst the Candied Islands, which run between the brisk lands of Nodor and the frozen shores of Penguinonia.

Nodor was first mentioned in a quest in Avalon. From the description of the Map of Nodor in Caer Lyon, it seems that the place is home to Woolly Mammoths and Frozen Fomori. As for Penguinonia, it was never mentioned before but it is an icy land as well.

Greyrose's importance in the storyline
Lydia Greyrose saved Merle Ambrose from the Brothers Bonbon, after he traveled to Karamelle searching for the best and brightest practitioners of the magical arts. The fairy also drove back the Gobbler army of Baron Gormandizer, taunted the Night Hags of Darkmoor and even rescued Memphis, who would later become the Fire Professor at Ravenwood.

Lydia Greyrose was the first Wizard to be offered a position to teach at the newly founded Ravenwood, due to her mastery of Ice magic, great wisdom and firm standards. Being one of Ambrose's most trusted allies, and also because of her eventful history, she later became a member of the Council of Light.

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