Next Pirate101 Update Will Be Massive

This month marks two years since the release of Marleybone and Aquila, in Books 13 and 14, back in May 2013. Two years is a very long time to wait for a storyline update and fans have been asking and begging, even, for something to reignite their hope to see Book 15 come to light. During that timeframe, we've had very little to speculate on; only a few hints, here and there.

Last week, FrogFather finally decided to come clean on what's going on, in his own way of course. He didn't reveal much about the next big update to Pirate101, but he did confirm that they didn't give up on the storyline, something that some players were afraid of. According to FrogFather:

"Things are still moving in the general direction of forward, and in the future, once the Frogfather deems them worthy, we will let you in on our little secrets."

This pretty much confirms that Book 15 is still underway and that developers are working hard on it. Furthermore, FrogFather mentioned three words that are related to said upcoming content: "Battle, boats, and buddies." Seeing as the thread he mentioned that in is about PvP, one of those three words probably has something to do with it.

My guess is that "battle" and "boats" might be related to PvP; Ship PvP or PvP Tournaments, perhaps? The first one might also reflect our imminent fight with the two last Armada leaders, Queen and Kane. As for "buddies", I'm sure it's about new Companion promotions. We've had a glimpse at Old Scratch's new promotion, in December 2014 Update Notes. Obviously, promotions usually occur when Companions level up and since most of our Companions are probably at max level, we would need a Level Cap raise, which further strengthens my belief that Book 15 will be the next big update to Pirate101.

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