Pet-a-Palooza 2015

As foreshadowed in yesterday's KingsIsle Live show, Pet-a-Palooza is back in Wizard101 and the Pirate Pet Sale to Pirate101! From now through Sunday, June 7th 2015, you can save up to 60% off the Pet-related goodies in Wizard101, and up to 50% off all the Pets in the Pirate101 Crown Shop.

Sales Details
  • All Pets are on sale in the Crown Shops of both games;
  • The Red Panda is in the Wizard101 Crown Shop and the Evil Sandman is back;
  • Purreau's Plentiful Pet Provision Pack, Snack Packs & Mega Snack Packs are on sale in Wizard101;
  • Alhazred's Elixir, Mega Snack Pack & Grizzly Beast Booster Pack are on sale in Pirate101;
  • Last chance to get the Pink Jellyfish, Magma Spider and Muscled Cat pets that are leaving the Wizard101 Crown Shop soon!
Free Item Giveaway
To celebrate this event, KingsIsle is giving everyone a free Mega Pet Snack in both games, with a chance to get a Grizzly Beast Booster Pack in Pirate101 and a Purreau's Pet Pack in Wizard101! Just use the code "megaplz" to get your free item, or click the pictures below.


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