Wizard101 Aztecan Builder's Bundle

A brand new Wizard101 bundle has just arrived and it allows your Wizards to create their very own castles: the Aztecan Builder's Bundle! This game card is available at local GameStop stores for $39, and the features are similar to the ones in the Arcane Builder's Bundle, although it introduces new castle block textures.

Bundle Overview
  • Build-a-Castle Plot and Pieces
  • Feathered Raptor Mount
  • Toucan't Pet
  • Wild Wing Outfit
  • Wild Wing Axe & Shield
  • One month or 5,000 Crowns

Click for full-sized image!

Bundle Details
This bundle comes with an already built house, but you can break it down, pick up and rearrange the pieces, and build an entirely new, custom castle that reflects your own style. For a complete video tour of the Serpentine Escape, visit Swordroll's Blog.

The gear stats are pretty good, especially for the top tier, and the wand even has a chance to cast Blinding Light during a duel. The top tier hat might even replace the Jade Hood of Mystery in Jade set-ups, as it gives some incredible Critical Block boost. For a complete list of all gear tiers, check out Stars of the Spiral's illustrated guide.

According to Gary Smith, Senior Software Engineer for Wizard101, the outside of the Serpentine Escape was built by Community Leader Paige MoonShade, while the interior was created by his own daughter, Amber UnicornFlower. They both did an awesome job and the outcome is just splendid!

Credits: Special thanks to Swordroll for allowing me to visit his Serpentine Escape house and take screenshots for this post.

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