Introducing the Terror's Hoard Pack

KingIsle just released a new game pack in the Wizard101 Crown Shop: the Terror's Hoard Pack! This brand new pack is full of ghoulish goodies and new furniture items, based off of the terrifying environment and gothic architecture of Darkmoor! The gear is pretty good, but the top tier wands take the definition of good to a whole new level; they are simply amazing!

With a chance at the fierce Terror Dog mount, the Terror's Hoard Pack has cool new epic and ultra rare items for your Wizard, and even some brand new spells.

What you can get from the pack
  • New Terror Dog Mount;
  • New Brainy Assistant Pet;
  • New Fortune Teller's Armor sets;
  • New Floating Eye Relic weapons;
  • New Darkmoor-themed housing items;
  • New Darkmoor spell treasure cards;
  • Much more!

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