Ranked PvP Coming to Pirate101

Yesterday, during the KingsIsle Livestream Event, One-Eyed Jack and Bonnie Anne finally revealed one of the things that will be coming to Pirate101 soon: Ranked PvP. They also hinted at a Battle Royale mode in PvP, and One-Eyed Jack even said "It would be really nice to be able to train Riposte, wouldn't it?", suggesting that Epic Talents may become trainable at some point.

This is somewhat far from what players were hoping for, me included, but it doesn't entirely rule out the possibility of Book 15 being included in the next major update to Pirate101. The odds may be slim, but they are still there, right? And it's still an update, after all, so it's always good.

Remember how there was a Pet Sparring session in the May 2015 episode of KI Live, and how yesterday we saw One-Eyed Jack face Decius Duelmaster in a PvP match? Is this just a coincidence? I don't think so. I'm predicting Ranked Pet Sparring in the next update as well, and perhaps Ship PvP if we're lucky.

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