King Artorius Leaves Wizard101

Jesse Scoble, also known as King Artorius, has been writing the storyline for ‪‎Wizard101‬ since Zafaria. Sadly for us, Jesse is leaving KingsIsle and moving on to new projects, and will no longer be the Creative Lead in future storylines of the game. You can read his personal farewell blog post here.

Looking back on these five amazing years of the Morganthe arc, I can't thank Jesse enough for being such a great writer and for giving us the best finale Wizard101 has ever had! And on that note, I would like the Wizard101 Community to join me for an in-game tribute to King Artorius.

When? July 7th, at 4:00PM CST.
Where? Abbey Road, right by King Artorius, on Greyrose Live Realm.

The Wizard101 Community, gathering in-game for the tribute to King Artorius! 

Best of luck with all your future endeavors, Jesse, and I'm curious to see where your next adventure takes you! I wish you well.

If you would like to personally show him your support and gratitude for all he's done, please do so on Twitter or directly on his blog post.

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