Wizard101 Ultra Update Goes Live

After weeks of testing, the Summer Update is finally live in Wizard101 and it brings the highly anticipated Ultra Pets, Ultra Dungeons, Ultra Seeds, the 3rd PvP Age, Celestia Fishing and more!

Jewel Collars & Ultra Pets
Pets level Ancient and above now have access to a Jewel Collar that gives them a Jewel Socket. Customize your pet by socketing a Jewel that gives you the bonus or Pet Talent that you desire!

Are you ready to take your pet to the next level? Ultra Pets will have a Jewel Collar with an Ultra Level Jewel socket. Ultra Jewels provide more powerful bonuses and Pet Talents. There are even some exciting new talents, only available on Jewels! Also, when your pet reaches Ultra level, you will receive a random Jewel as a reward, so you can socket your pet right away if you wish. You can tell which pets have a Jewel affixed, because they will have a Jewel icon next to their name.

Challenging Ultra Dungeons
It's time for a rematch! Some of the most notorious bosses of the Spiral are back and ready for a rumble, in the brand new Ultra Dungeons. Face familiar foes including Rattlebones, Krokopatra, Meowiarty and Zeus in new powerful forms for Master, Archmage or Exalted levels. Ultra Dungeons are one-shot gauntlets, for a chance to get unique gear, new versions of familiar pets, Ultra Seeds, valuable crafting reagents or even mounts! You can receive Ultra Dungeons as rewards from battling bosses or purchase them in the Crown Shop. 

Wizard101 Fansites guides to help you get through these dungeons safely:

Welcome to the New Age
The Third PvP Age is upon us! All current PvP rankings will be reset; everyone who competed in the 2nd Age of PvP will receive a badge, based upon their current rank (at the time of the game update).

Shiny New Ultra Seeds
Some familiar garden favorites are getting a shiny new version called Ultra Seeds! For select plants, when you harvest the Elder for the final time, there is a chance that you will receive a new Ultra version of that plant's seed. When you plant the Ultra seed version, they will grow into a new version that is both easier to care for (with fewer needs and no pests) and gives better rewards, such as rare Treasure Cards and reagents, housing items, Jewels and even pets! Plants grown from Ultra Seeds will have a shiny glow so you can tell them apart from your regular versions.

Celestial Fishing
Magical Fishing is expanding! Fish can now be found swimming around the waters of Celestia. For a complete list of the 10 new Fish available, check out the Fishing Database and Swordroll's Blog.

Gardening enthusiasts can now store seeds in their homes, with the new Seed Vault housing item! Seed Vaults can be purchased from the Crown Shop or crafted from a recipe, available at Toshio in Mooshu. Place the Seed Vault in your house and click on the "Open Seed Vault" button, while in the "Place Object" screen. This works similar to music players and aquariums. You can then move seeds from your Backpack to the Seed Vault. The Seed Vault holds up to 100 seeds. You may only place two Seed Vaults in each of your houses, one inside and one outside.

Fantastic news, housing decorators! The maximum number of items in an area of a house has been increased to 350. You can purchase an additional Bric-a-Brac Elixir to raise the item limit in your house.

By popular request, houses can now be transferred via the Shared Bank! The Shared Bank can only hold one house at a time and each house can only be moved to the Shared Bank once every 90 days. To retrieve the house from the Shared Bank, the Wizard must have a housing slot available and cannot already have a house of that type. Houses are transferred with all of the objects inside of them. 

Houses can't be placed in the shared bank if:
  • They have mannequins with no-trade equipment on them;
  • They have teleporters that take the player to other houses;
  • The house is a teleporter destination from another house;
  • They have weapons that are no-trade on the walls;
  • They have any no-trade housing items;
  • They have pets or mounts placed in them.
Show your School spirit with awesome new craftable, School-themed mounts! If you've completed the quest "Into the Clouds" and are an Apprentice Crafter, you can visit Khalkos Coppersmith in Aquila for these new recipes. Each recipe requires a Mote of Transport, available only in the new Ultra Dungeons. For a complete list of all the recipes, check out the Guide to Crafted Mounts.

And there are many more changes and content to the game! Read the complete list in the Update Notes.

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