Decius Hints at New Hybrid in Pirate101

After weeks of failed attempts to discover new hybrids by the Pirate101 Community, Decius Duelmaster decided to share one of his many secrets with us today, on the Pirate101 Boards.

The Hint
This hybrid has been around for about a year, but hasn't been discovered yet. According to Decius, one of the parents is "silly" while "the other part is green." The resulting pet is "slippery" and you will know you got it "when you see disco lights." The potential candidates are listed below.

Combination & Hybrid
The hybrid was discovered by Catalina36 on the Message Boards and the combination is:

Jungle Toad x Clown Fish = Disco Toad

Good luck on getting it and I'll see you in the Skyways!

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