Ranked PvP & Nautical Gauntlet Go Live

After opening for testing 4 weeks ago, the Summer Update is finally ready to go Live in Pirate101! Among the many new things to do in Skull Island, there is Ranked PvP, the very first Nautical Gauntlet, new secret Trainers and more!

Ranked PvP
In Ranked PvP, you can battle other players to earn ranks, badges and rewards! Members have unlimited access to Ranked PvP matches, while Crowns players can purchase passes per match, day or season. Talk to Mickey Dugan in Skull Island to get started!

PvP Modes, Scores, Ranking & Rewards
There are two types of Ranked PvP matches available. In 1v1 matches, you face off against one other player in a test of wits and skill! In Battle Royale mode, four Pirates enter the battle and only one will emerge victorious. You will gain points to raise your rank, as you compete in Ranked PvP, and achieve 8 possible ranks: Contender, Brawler, Warrior, Gladiator, Veteran, Hero, Paragon and Champion, gaining Scrip as a reward every match (winners get a higher amount of Scrip).

Ranked PvP Seasons, New PvP Rewards & Vendors
A new season will come to Ranked PvP every 3 months and it will reset ranks. At the end of each season, players who have rank Brawler and higher will receive a Scrip reward based on their rank. This currency can be used to purchase new items from vendors that have entered the Brawlin' Hall, including new pets, new weapons, and new housing items, like Candyce Olsen's very special "art books", which are unique housing items that allow you to flip through pages of original concept art of Pirate101!

Nautical Gauntlet
Pirates of Nautical Level 45 or above can visit Mickey Dugan in Skull Island to take on the quest "The Pirate's Regatta!", for a new adventure! Gather three friends and get ready to take on a challenging Nautical Gauntlet, best experienced by players Level 65. Work together to defeat waves of enemy ships and face off against a powerful boss ship for rewards including Scrip, and a chance at new pets!

Mysterious New Trainers
Tucked away in a hidden location, you'll find this mysterious stranger (and other clandestine pirates) ready to teach you some powerful abilities. These trainers are busy folks, often off on adventures of their own, so they are not always available. Check back at various times to see who you might meet and what knowledge they have to impart.

And there are plenty more changes and updates to the game! For a list of all the changes to Pirate101, read the Update Notes.

If you were expecting Book 15, please read Professor Falmea's Pirate101 Producer's Letter on why it didn't make it to Test Realm this time around.

Credits: Thanks to Chrissy the Blesser for kindly allowing me to use some of her renders.

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