Companion Spotlight: Old Scratch

A recent minor update to Pirate101 gave a considerable boost to a long-time forgotten Witchdoctor companion: Old Scratch!

As you probably know, Old Scratch was never an exceptionally good companion to assist you in battle. His fragile nature and lack of useful powers made him look rather weak compared to other companions, such as Carcarius Grimtooth. However, the tables turned earlier this month.

Flow Mojo, Flow!
As of September 2015, Old Scratch has access to three ranks of Mojo Flow, a new power designed to boost the Spell Power stat of his fellow practitioners. This spell acts like a stat buff, boosting the Spell Power of all Magic-type companions (regardless of range) and all adjacent companions (regardless of type). Each new rank will unlock automatically when Old Scratch reaches the correct level and promotion, meaning you don't need to retrain him to have access to this new power.

Despite this power being glitched and not working as intended, this change was motivated by many complaints from the Witchdoctor class, who were lacking in competitiveness in Ranked PvP. Developers took that into account and were quick to react.

Taking Summons to the Next Level
Summons have always been a Witchdoctor's forte. They don't usually deal a massive amount of damage, but they allow you to keep your opponent busy, while drawing out epics on the way. Always remember, however, that the power of the creatures you summon is directly proportional to your Captain's Spell Power (the higher the Spell Power, the higher the level of the summons).

According to Ratbeard, "Summons that you cast yourself should be affected by Spell Power. Summons that you cast from an item should only boost with Will. (The base level of the summons in this case is defined by the item in question.)"

Putting this into perspective, Old Scratch's new power allows you to summon creatures of a higher level. With this companion by your side, you can easily call forth Skeleton Hoplites up to Level 80, becoming powerful allies in PvE and PvP.

Recommended Epics and Talents
I suggest training the Epics Mojo Echo 3, Improved Mojo Blast 2, Coward's Bane 1 and Witch Hunter 1. As for Talents, I recommend Accurate 4, Spirited 4, Spooky 4 and Tough 3 or 4 (if you choose to train Tough 3, Resistant 1 is a good option).

Final Note
If you're a Witchdoctor and you're not including Old Scratch in your team, you really should! His new power boosts all Magic-based powers, making you a fearsome foe. I started being more successful in Ranked PvP after including him in my strategy. Although victory is never assured, it's about taking chances and shifting the odds in your favor.

Best of luck in your adventures, wherever they may take you!

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