Fall Brings New Things to the Spiral

Today marks the first day of Autumn. That means the Halloween season is just a few weeks away and so is Pirate101's 3rd birthday celebration, not to mention the potential new world coming out this Fall in Wizard101! So as we say goodbye to the Summer heat under this bright sun, new things are making their way into the Spiral!

New Eyepatch & PvP Season
A new PvP Season has just begun in Pirate101, so make sure to visit the Brawlin' Hall vendors to see the new class-based Raptor parrots and Fall Champion weapons you can earn! If you competed in the Summer Season of PvP, check your badges and Scrip to see what you've got. Also, the Autumn Eye Patch has returned to the Pirate101 Crown Shop!

New Fish in Wizard101
As the leaves turn brown and start to fall, a new fellow of the Balance school is making its first appearance in our waters: the Fall Foliage Fish. You'll find it swimming in several ponds across the Spiral. It's a great addition to your Fish collection!

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