Witchdoctors in Ranked PvP

It's no secret that Witchdoctors are extremely disadvantaged in the current Ranked PvP meta, in Pirate101. The lack of firepower and useful summons makes it difficult to compete with the big guns, like Buccaneers and Swashbucklers.

The Problem
As a Witchdoctor in PvP, you have very limited choices when it comes to dealing damage. The fact that obstacles hinder your field of vision makes it almost always impossible to cast Mournsong, Soulreaver or Ghostwail right off the bat, not to mention they do not work when the enemy is hidden. Using those powers at close range is risky and not very smart, considering you can deal damage to more than one unit, with AoE spells. 

With the first PvP Season coming to a close on September 19th, I look back on a very frustrating experience in the Brawlin' Hall. To reach the top tier as a Witchdoctor, you don't have be an exceptionally skilled player; it only requires you to have one specific item: the Imperial Robes of Moo Manchu. Most (if not all) Witchdoctors who have attained the rank of Champion have it and use it in combat. But why should the player's success rely on one item?

Possible Fixes
While Ratbeard has promised help for the Witchdoctor class in Ranked PvP, those changes will most likely only come into play during the next season of PvP.

My first suggestion is to make regular summons more useful and powerful. I know they are not meant to be great damage dealers, but they are one of the best tools in a Witchdoctor's arsenal. Second, giving more power to Witchdoctor companions is crucial. There's a reason why they are hardly ever used in Ranked PvP, and that reflects just how underwhelming they are. Lastly, I think the battleboard size should be revised, as the melee opponents can usually close the gap in 2 or 3 turns, depending on their class.

Have you tried Ranked PvP with the Witchdoctor class? If so, what do you think and how far did you make it in the Rankings? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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