Wizard101 7th Birthday Celebration

Happy birthday, Wizard101! Today marks the seventh anniversary of the game. Can you believe we've been studying at Ravenwood School of Magical Art and fighting evil for that long?! With so many great memories, Christina IceDreamer has made a fantastic retrospective of the past seven years in Wizard101 for MMORPG.com.

The Birthday Party will include a week of epic birthday celebrations and a birthday giveaway! And to commemorate seven years in the Spiral, there are presents for everyone, new in-game items and festive decorations in the Wizard City Commons.

New Birthday Crown Shop Items
KingsIsle is launching brand new birthday items in the Crown Shop! Make sure to check out:
  • Party Corgi Pet
  • Reg. Keeper Party Multi-Tank Aquarium
  • Birthday Party Cake Housing Item
  • Party Chair Housing Item
  • Party Buffet Table Housing Item

Birthday Giveaway
KingsIsle is giving our Wizard 7 items to celebrate the 7th birthday of the game! Click on the image below to redeem the following gifts:
  • Origami Party Crane Pet
  • Birthday Hat
  • Confetti Cannon
  • Major Fishing Elixir
  • Ultra Dandelion Seed
  • Birthday Cake Snack
  • Huge Ice Cream Snack

Giveaway ends September 30th 2015, at 11:59pm US Central Time.

Lost Pages & Five B.O.X.E.S. Events
The Lost Pages and the Five B.O.X.E.S. events are back! Don't miss out on the epic loot and unique items drops from these quests, for a limited time only.

Member Benefits Galore
That's right, ALL member benefits have returned for the occasion! Now through September 8th, Wizard101 Members will get double gardening rewards when harvesting plants, double pet experience from pet games and pet snacks, free Training Point buybacks and free PvP Tournaments! Free PvP Tournaments for members have been extended through September 30th! Not a member yet? Subscribe here.

KingsIsle Live Birthday Episode

Birthday Presents across the Spiral
In the spirit of Wizard101's 7th Birthday, you will find birthday presents scattered around most World hubs of the Spiral! Wondering where you can find these? Check out the illustrated guide to Present Spawn Point Maps.

Catch the Birthday Mystery Fish
There's a rare new fish in town creeping in the waters of the Spiral! The Gobblerfish is a Balance, seasonal fish and will only be around during the Wizard101 Birthday Celebration month... You can find it swimming in the calm waters of Wizard City. Can you catch it?

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