First Look at Wizard101's Polaris Test Realm

Yesterday, during the monthly KingsIsle Live episode, Community Managers teased some of the quest line and areas of Polaris, currently in the last stages of internal testing at KingsIsle.

What we know about Polaris
Judging from the footage during the livestream event, the world is like a snowy version of Marleybone. It is clear that a war is going on in Polaris: military units patrolling the cold streets, NPCs talking about conspiracy, propaganda posters and police officers enforcing censorship. Clearly, someone (most likely Empress Antuskette the First) is oppressing the people and Walruskberg seems to be the capital, as it is referred to as the Crown Jewel of Polaris.

According to an official, Polarians abide by the rule of Imperial Law: no merrymaking, no fishing, no magic, no singing, and no leaving the city. This reminds me of the concept art of that magical location we've got a few weeks ago, and I'm assuming now that's where the rebels gather to practice magic.

What to expect in Polaris
As you won't be seeing the sunrise for several months, you'd better come prepared for the cold! Other than that, we will be see bears, penguins and even walruses in Polaris. Pirates will also be pleased to discover some vaguely familiar spaces, like the Polarian taverns.

Expect some great music from Nelson Everhart, a new level cap, new spells and pets, new gear, and much more! The Test Realm is only a few days away, so keep an eye out and be ready.

In the meantime, you can watch the Community Managers questing in Polaris, if you haven't already!

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