Halloween in Skull Island Returns

Halloween is all about dressing up and looking spooky for the occasion, right? Now through November 1st 2015, enjoy Halloween in Skull Island with some familiar and brand new Crown Shop items:
  • The Anansi spider, Grouper of the Deep, Octoberpus & Phantasm Pagona pets;
  • New Halloween furniture items, available for Crowns and Gold;
  • Return of the Halloween Galleon, special Halloween ship;
  • Return of Halloween Masks, Face Paints and Accessories.

The Haunted Galleon
The Halloween Ship is on sale in the Crown Shop for only 5,000 Crowns and will only be around for the Halloween festivities, so if you missed out on this promotion last year, now's your chance to get it! It is available for a variety of levels and comes equipped with:
  • Ship Hull;
  • Jack 'O Lantern Figurehead;
  • Sails;
  • Rudders.

Present Boxes
Be on the lookout for present boxes scattered through Skull Island! You might get Gold, rental Mounts and even new housing items!

Special Surprise
As stated on the October 2015 Newsletter, a surprise is coming to Pirate101 on October 15th. What could it be?

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