Halloweenfest in Wizard101

It's the time of the year for Halloween, and that means spooky things are happening in Wizard101! All your favorite Halloween friends are back with their ghostly items, to get your Wizard into the Halloween spirit. Plus, the classic Halloween quests have returned! 

There are lots of Halloween decorations: bubbling cauldrons, apple tubs, pumpkins and ghosts, and surprises all over Wizard City. But beware, a boss is waiting to test your skills!

Halloween Quests
Jack Hallow can be found in the Wizard City Commons and brings back the original Halloween quests, where you will be sent on many adventures throughout the different zones of Wizard City! Additionally, Nosferabbit is back to haunt the Wizard City inhabitants. Wizards Level 13 and above should talk to Dworgyn in Nightshade, to start the quest "Something Rotten in Nightside".

Halloween Goodies
While you're in the Wizard City Shopping District, don't forget to visit Spooky Bob, the traveling salesghoul, to find the perfect costume for the occasion. There are also two new costumes in the Crown Shop: the Mummy Costume & the Vampire Costume, available for 2,500 Crowns each. The Halloween Pets are making their way into the Crown Shop as well. Also, look for the returning Halloween Packs later this month!

Special Halloween Fish
The waters of Wizard City are lurking with special, mysterious Halloween fish for your Wizard to catch this year. Some of these fish are so spooky, you may want to put them back in the water! Can you catch the Black Catfish (Death), Frankenfish (Storm) and Vampire Squid (Death)?

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