Spooky Bunkhouse Contest

Three years ago, countless Pirates around the world were setting sail into an unforgettable journey in the Skyways, in hopes of reaching El Dorado and stopping the mighty Armada. October 15th marks the 3rd Birthday of Pirate101 and I couldn't be happier to celebrate it with all of you! 

Spooky Bunkhouse Contest
I want you to decorate your bunkhouse in Pirate101 for Halloween. To enter, simply take a screenshot of your Halloween bunkhouse and follow the guidelines listed below! 

  1. This contest starts now and ends on October 19th 2015, at 4:00PM CST;
  2. You may use as many items as you wish to make your bunkhouse complete, following the theme "Spooky Bunkhouse";
  3. If using glitches or floating techniques, you must stay within the bunkhouse space;
  4. All entries must be sent by email to frostcallerfan@gmail.com, with the title "Spooky Bunkhouse Contest", along with your Pirate's name (such as David Everhart) by the deadline;
  5. You may include up to 3 screenshots in your email entry (please, no more than that!);
  6. If you are under the age of 13, please have your parent's or guardian's permission to enter;
  7. Winners will be announced by October 21st 2015 and prizes will be sent by email.
My four favorite bunkhouses will take home the Smuggler's Cove House, one Additional House Elixir and the new Octoberpus pet!

Sadly, only three entries were received. That said, the winners are: Bloody Wesley Xavier, James Morgan and Silent Alura Quincy! Congratulations and thanks for entering!

Thank you so much to KingsIsle and Bonnie Anne for providing these great codes, and happy early birthday Pirate101!

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