Pirate101 3rd Birthday Celebration

Today is Pirate101's Third Birthday and the celebration starts now, through November 1st, 2015! Skull Island has Birthday decorations for all of your Pirate parrrrtying and KingsIsle is giving away lots of free birthday items!
  • Karma Chameleon Pet
  • Parrrty Hat
  • Birthday Eyepatch
  • 12 Flavors of Hawkules Pet Snack
  • Cupcake Pet Snack

This gift code is available until November 1st 2015
at 11:59pm US Central Time.

Halloween Contest
Don't forget to enter my Spooky Bunkhouse Contest, for a chance to win a Smuggler's Cove House, one Additional House Elixir and the new Octoberpus pet!

New Crown Shop Items
Be sure to check out the Pirate101 Crown Shop, to load up on the most fun items for your birthday party! Check out the Painted Party Turtle & Karma Paper Dragon pets, Birthday Cake, Party Buffet Table and Party Chair housing items.

KingsIsle Live
Pirate101 Community Managers will be having a fun edition of KingsIsle Live, later today. Join them on Thursday, October 15th from 5:00pm - 6:00pm US Central time.

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