Welcome to Polaris

The last poster from the secret message, revealed by Professor Falmea last month, was removed earlier today and it confirms that the Wizard101 storyline will continue in the frozen land of Polaris!

As seen in Pirate101, Polaris appears to be a world based off of Russia, with Kremlin-like architecture and bears that remind you of Siberian soldiers (see image below). Judging from the teasers so far, we will also meet penguins in Polaris. Who knows what other creatures live there.

According to the October 2015 Newsletter, more secret messages will be unveiled throughout the month of October. In the meantime, we were given the concept art of a mysterious and magical location.

This looks like a secret lab, with ongoing experiments with magic crystals. The markings on the wall vaguely remind me of Shadow Magic. Could it be villain headquarters, or is it a place held by the penguins who contacted Wizard City for help? Speculate away!

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