Wizard101 Halloween Packs Are Back

The highly anticipated Halloween Hoard Packs have finally returned to the Spiral and one of them includes a plethora of new items! From now until November 1st, 2015, the Harrowing Nightmare Pack & the original Nightmare Pack are back in the Crown Shop.

The Harrowing Nightmare Pack
This new Halloween pack has familiar favorites, plus cool new items! Your Wizard has a chance of receiving:
  • New Midnight Owl mount & Winged Catastrophe pet;
  • New Cat Ears, Halo & Goat Horns hairstyles;
  • Harrowing Wings Mounts in 3 Color Variations;
  • Harrowed Bones Pet;
  • Nightfall, Nighttide and Midnight Torment Gear;
  • New housing items;
  • Much more!

The Nightmare Pack
The original Nightmare Pack gives your Wizard a chance at tons of eerie Halloween items, including:
  • Nightmare Mount;
  • Dragontooth Armor;
  • Darkwraith Armor;
  • Vampire Pet;
  • Nightmare Pet;
  • And many more spooktacular items!

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