Wizard101 Nostalgic Graduation

WARNING: this post contains spoilers, so if you haven't been to Polaris in Wizard101 yet, read at your own risk!

Before you ask, no, the Wizard101 game is not ending anytime soon! However, our magical studies at Ravenwood, under the supervision of Headmaster Ambrose and the guidance and tutelage of the Ravenwood faculty, have come to a close.

Seven years ago, millions of Wizards were venturing into their first day at Ravenwood, School of Magical Arts. You may have felt anxious at first, not knowing if the teachers would be nice and who you would meet along the way, but it all went smoothly and soon you found yourself visiting amazing places. The truth is that it has been an incredible journey, but sadly one that had to come to an end.

We have come so far and accomplished so much in seven years. We've freed Malistaire from his hatred and reunited him with his beloved wife, we saved the Spiral time and time again, we've made unforgettable friends and allies, and even made way for light in the darkest days!

Our magical studies will continue in the new school of Arcanum, where new teachers await to bestow upon us their knowledge and wisdom.

I'd like to take this opportunity to kindly thank all the Ravenwood Teachers for making us the prodigious Wizards we are today, for always believing in us and for pushing us forward! Although you will be missed, your teachings will live on and the bonds we've built will never waver. Thank you so much to KingsIsle for making this a memorable graduation day, for the great game that is Wizard101!

Credits: Thanks to Angel, Harmony Everhart, Emmaline, Cody ShadowStaff and Paige MoonShade for submitting their screenshots!

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