Rasputin Farming Tips

Rasputin, or The Rat under his true form, is the final boss in Polaris. Just like any other final boss, The Rat drops some of the best pieces of gear for Prodigious Wizards. However, he won't give you what you want that easily.

The challenge
The Rat is an exceptionally challenging boss, nothing like we've ever faced before. Even with a full team, victory should never be taken for granted. This particular boss has some of the most fearsome cheats of all, that will really hurt you in the long run.

Wizards facing The Rat have roughly 30 rounds to defeat him, otherwise they will lose instantly to his Titan. Considering The Rat has 70,000 health, defeating him is never easy. To top it off, you can only Feint him once and he will summon immune golems when you blade, trap or heal. These golems evolve each round and become more resistant, which makes it even harder to pierce them and take them out.

The math
Due to The Rat's immense health and the 30 rounds gap to finish him off, Wizards will have to work fast if they want to come out victorious. Supposing you have a full team:

70,000 / 30 = 2333 / 4 = 583

In other words, each Wizard would have to deal around 583 damage per round. Of course, that's not always feasible and that is perfectly fine. Some will hit more than that, other will wait to hit him harder.

Common strategies
There are several strategies to be successful in this dungeon.

Deck Control
In this strategy, Wizards try to control the flow of battle by mass dispelling Rasputin with Quench, which may seem like a good idea in the short-term. However, this strategy has many flaws. The most obvious one is that you cannot stop him from summoning all minions. Supposing you only have one Wizard dispelling each round, you will waste a Power Pip to only stop one minion. That is not a good idea at all!

Healing Spam
Unlike the previous strategy, this one revolves around forcing The Rat to summon his healing minions, by casting healing spells. When the duel circle is filled with minions, Wizards usually blade up and set up traps, and let the Life minions die on their own, three rounds after they were summoned. This strategy is an effective one, as demonstrated by Alexander Lionheart.

Offensive Set-Up
This is my favorite strategy. While not as fast as the previous one, it is the best strategy if you team up with players you don't know. It is easy to follow and doesn't have a complicated set up, which takes timing and coordination, like the Healing Spam strategy. This one essentially revolves around hitting Rasputin over and over, until the falls.

Farming Tips
I have seen way too many Wizards struggle with deck building, worrying about the 30 rounds gap and Fire dispels. Some Wizards are reluctant to cast a blade, unless The Rat has a Quench on himself. Sometimes, worrying too much about things will only make things worse. Set your insecurities aside and think reasonably!

Fire dispels are not necessary! Like I said above, this is meant to control Rasputin from summoning his minions, but there are easier and more efficient ways to do that. One of your teammates should focus on spamming the minions, the round after they are summoned. This includes packing Infallible and enchanting low pip spells or AoE with Unstoppable or Extraordinary. That is an efficient way to control the flow of battle!

Take advantage of Rasputin's minions! If one of your teammates is casting a blade or a trap, do that as well if you can. Your priority should be blading your hammer first, then yourself. You have to take advantage of Rasputin's minions, because in this last dungeon it's all about timing. Always have one of your teammates ready to defeat the golems the round after.

Hit hard, but hit him repeatedly! This is not an ordinary boss, so treating him like one will not do you or your team any good. If you are teaming up with Wizards you are not used to quest with, this is definitely the best tip! Keep attacking him until Rasputin is defeated, even if you can't land a massive hit. Always remember the amount of damage you should deal every turn is roughly 2333.

Best of luck in Polaris and make your Ravenwood Professors proud!

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