Christmas Clash Tournament in Wizard101

The Christmas Clash Tournament is a family-friendly PvP event in Wizard101, created and organized by man0fbass and Shadowfishy. The tournament will be held on Tuesday, December 29th and Wednesday, December 30th, 2015. Games start at 1:00PM EST every day!

About the Tournament
"To challenge participant creativity, each round will have its own special ruleset. This is accomplished by changing the win condition, restricting gameplay elements, or changing the conditions of the match."

Although sign-ups are now closed, the Grand Prize winner will take home 73,750 Crowns, 1 Fog Staff code and a drawing of their wizard, made by GoddessOfChibis! You can check out the rules and prizes here.

On the tournament day, there will be three different livestreams running. Each stream will be covering different matches and they will start at 1:00PM EST! For a complete list of streamers, click here. Also, the Christmas Clash Tournament bracket can be found here, so make sure to keep an eye on @Christmas_Clash for tournament updates!

Good luck to all the Wizards entering the tournament. May the best duelist, win!

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