Wizard101: Best of 2015

This year has been an incredible one for Wizard101. So much has happened in just 12 months! New bundles, new packs, new spells, new storyline content and member benefits, just to name a few. In no particular order, I've listed my 9 favorite things about Wizard101 in 2015!

1. Ravenwood Graduation
Graduating from Ravenwood was definitely an emotional landmark in the history of Wizard101! After seven long years studying under the tutelage of the Ravenwood Faculty, they unanimously decided it was time for our graduation ceremony. It surely was a mesmerizing cutscene and a very emotional one, too. KingsIsle has pulled this off tremendously well and I couldn't be more proud to have witnessed this day in-game!

2. Arcanum
The new School of Magic where we meet the Arcanum Scholars, who will lead us in our next steps towards becoming even more proficient with all kinds of magic. The School itself has a very unique and distinctive design, and it appears to be located in outer space. 

3. Jewel Socketing
The Jewel Socketing system has become a game-changing factor in Wizard101! This feature allows you to improve your Wizard's stats, as well as your pet's. With so many Jewels available from the RockHammer's Jewel PackSchool Jewel Packs and Jewel Crafter's Bundle, you can work on your Wizard's weaknesses and become even more powerful!

4. Fishing Improvements
The Fishing feature has grown so much in just a year, that we've seen it go from casting simple lures in Wizard City ponds in July 2014, to lava fishing and, more recently, competitions like Catch of the Day and weekly Fishing Tournaments, with its very own leaderboard and Arena Tickets as rewards!

5. Third Story Arc
The third storyline has begun in Polaris, where we stopped the evil schemes of one of Old Cob's children. According to the last quest dialogue in Khrysalis, we are most likely headed to Empyrea next. Seeing as how The Rat escaped with Old Cob at the end of Polaris, we might see him again in Empyrea, and the other two children, the Scorpion and the Bat, in Mirage and the Hidden Lands. The Broken Shores might be the last battleground, where we'll face Old Cob.

6. New Generation of Mounts
The Jewel Crafter's Bundle introduced the very first stat-boosting mount: the Crystal Unicorn. Shortly after, a new one was launched with the Polarian Explorer's Bundle: the Battle Narwhal. Finally, a third stat-boosting mount was released in Polaris: the Mammoth Mini.

7. New Housing Furniture Sets
Many new furniture packs were introduced in House-a-Palooza 2015, giving avid decorators so many new possibilities and things to work with! I can't wait to see the long anticipated School Furniture Packs.

8. Member Benefits
Member Benefits have been such a great addition for Wizard101 members! The first Member Benefit, Double Gardening Rewards, was revealed in January 2015. The other Member Benefits include Double Pet Experience, Free Tournaments and Free Training Point Buyback.

9. Wizard101 Community Events
There have been many events throughout the year held by the Wizard101 Community! Two of mine include the King Artorius Tribute and International Polar Bear Day, but there were many other great events this year: the Fansite FestivalKingsIsle Live 7th Birthday Party, International Sloth Day ParadeCommunity Christmas Clash and Love & Equality Celebration, to cite a few.

What were your favorite things in Wizard101 this year? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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